Redevelopment in the worlds smallest country, Sealand, continues well.

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We are currently in negotiations for the contact to handle the rental of a number luxury holiday villa in the Canary Islands

We have just completed the purchase of another property and redevelopment work begins next week!



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Church and East specialize in purchasing property in neglected and run down towns around the UK.

However redevelopment does not simply involve the purchase of property, there are many other aspect too. Church and East offer a wide range of services to help other would be redevelopers, drawing on the knowledge and experience we have built up since the beginning to provide a top quality service.

Weather you just want advise or would rather put the whole project in our hands and simply reap the rewards, Church and East offer you the choice, expertise’s and flexibility to become a property developer yourself, no matter what your situation. Please see our services page for further details.

At Church and East our helpful and friendly team are here and ready to help you accomplish you dream.
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